Top 7 Awesome methods To leveling A Cake.

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Making a perfectly levelled cake is every baker’s dream, but it is not easy to make a perfectly level cake. So the main question is how to level a cake. So to find your answer, you have visited the right place. Today I will talk about my seven personally used methods to leveling a cake.

Baking cakes is always a very calm, full and happy work for me and as I always say in my post, to show your love to someone, you can bake cakes for them. cakes can be served everywhere wheatear it is party, family gathering, someone birthday or any occasion.

But baking bread and applying cream on the top is not the best way of making cakes .baking cake means decorating cakes and their taste also must be very elegant.

why we level cake

The answer is simple; we level the cakes so the cake can be decorated easily with goodness. And another advantage of leveling the cake is that they can be stored easily.

But as you know when we bake a cake, a cake is usually somewhat domed as it comes out of the oven it is happened due to the batter of the cake is rising and the middle part of the cake bakes slowly so by this the center rises more except other parts.

This dome part must be extracted from the cake if you want to make a perfectly decorated cake; then you have to remove the domed part of the cake.

Still, many bakers say that if you have a perfectly layered cake, then you have more chances to make a perfect decoration as we wish.

Here, if you cut the domed part of the cake, you can use the part later or use the domed part as a taste test. so lets learn how to level cakes.

Benefits of Leveling a Cakes:-

There are many benefits of levelling the cakes because if you level your cakes:-

  • it is easier to decorate the cake.
  • you can quickly write anything on the top of the cake easily
  • you can store them by packing them with plastic.
  • you can make multilayers cake .

Another reason is that because the domed and the exterior part is a little hardened and crispy, this is due to being directly exposed from hot oven air to the average air, and if you don’t remove that, then it will be not a perfect cake.

How to Level a Cake:- 7 awesome methods to leveling a cake.

Let us learn how to level a cake in 8 best ways that you could be a perfectionist in leveling cakes at home. By levelling the cake you can easily decorate it.

1. using the pan as a guide

Here we have a straightforward process of leveling a cake without cutting it; You may level your cake without even removing it from the pan if it has domed above the top of the pan lip.
Slice through the top of the cake using a long serrated knife, pressing the knife blade squarely against the cake pan to serve as a guide. by this way you could easily level the cake.

2. using damp cloth and flat object

using camp cloth and flat object to leveling a cake could be a better option if your cake is a little domed. When you take out your cake from the oven, before letting it dry and cool. Place a dishcloth or damp cloth it will readjust the domed top and make it flatten.

After placing the cloth. place a plane object over the cake where the clothes work as a barrier between cake and flat object by placing flat object pressed the cake evenly throughout the cake.

Note– make sure you press all over the cake with the same amount of force; don’t apply more force on anyone side

now it’s time to disclose the object then cloth; please remove the cloth gently from the cake and make sure your cake will be flattened if it does not, then apply this process once more, and if your cake is flattened, then you are ready to decorate it.

3. Using Floss

using floss to leveling the cake is also an straightforward method you don’t need much experience to master it. You don’t need the knife or levelling tool for this process.

You need the floss bigger than your cake length; this means if your cake is 6 or 7 inches, you need 8-9 inches of floss. Firstly take the floss and pick the floss at both ends tightly in your hands.

Place the floss at the level where you want to cut the cake, then pull it from one side of the cake to another side of the cake.

By this method, you can cut the cake very accurately.

4. Using Sheet

for a perfect leveled cake, you can use a baking sheet pan because they are less thick, and in this sheet, there is very little batter, so the domed also may not form.

You can also use the rimmed sheet pan, and you can use 1 or 1 1/2 inches batter for the cake; by this, you have a very thick cake.

In this, your cake will bake easily and rapidly. After it has cooled, cut out circles from the sheet cake using your round cake pan; now, you have perfectly round shape cakes by applying this process.

In this process, you can make more layers of cakes, and by these cake, layers find your best way to decorate the cakes.

5. Level Cake With Knife And Turntable

using an serrated knife and turn table to leveling a cake is the most traditional way to level the cake, because you have seen many bakers using the turntable and serrated knives to level their cakes.

Make sure your knife should be long and sharp enough to level the cakes ideally. Let’s now place the cake on the turntable; gently put the serrated knife on that level where you want to cut the cake by holding it steadily and flat.

leveling cake using a serrated knife
levelling cake using a serrated knife

Begin to rotate the table. You are spinning the cake while the knife remains still. In this, please don’t move the knife because your cake will cut uneven if you move the knife.

Tip -try to cut the cake slowly by this you can find a perfect even layered cakes.

If you think your hand will shake during the cutting of the cake, then you can use an embroidery hoop to keep your hand steady while cutting off the uneven part of the cake. so hurray now you have a perfectly level cake.

6. Using a Cake Leveler Tool

This is also a beneficial process to work out. It would be best to have a cake leveler tool; you can find this tool in many stores. This is a ubiquitous tool that people used to level the cakes.

You can find this tool in U shape, and both ends are connected with wire or blade, and both the end have adjustment handle to adjust the size of levelling your cake.

leveling cake using a cake leveler tool
levelling cake using a cake leveler tool

The blade is adjustable and may go up and down to accommodate the desired height of your cake.

Place your cake in a workspace, then adjust the height of the blade as per your requirement. Now put the blade on one side of the cake and move the cutting wire into the cake using a gentle sawing motion.

by this, you will find a perfectly levelled cake.

7. Toothpick

using a toothpick to ensure that your cake is levelled or not perfectly is a very clever way. It just needs some extra steps to your job.

leveling a cake using toothpick and knife
levelling a cake using a toothpick and knife

First, take the four toothpicks and ruler. By ruler, measure the desired height that you want to cut the cake from.

After taking the height, place the toothpicks on the sides of the cakes at the height you measured from the ruler. Consider placing them in 9,12,6 and 3 o’clock form.

Now use these toothpicks as a guide and level the cake by using a serrated knife. By this, you have a perfectly leveled cake.

Now, you have too many ways to level your cake; find your favorite method of making a perfect and beautifully decorated cake. let me give you a bonus method.

bonus method:- Band Leveler Tool

As above, I have described the 7 best ways of levelling cake, but if you don’t want to use those methods, I have one additional tool that you can use to level your cake: the band leveler tool.

You might be interested in a different type of cake leveler tool than the one mentioned above. Instead of cutting the cake, this type of leveler guides the knife, keeping it flat as you cut.

This is a metal band that wraps around the cake, and this consists of different horizontal slits that use as a guide to level the cakes for the knife.

Now its time to level the cakes, so place the tool around the cake, then choose the height which you want to level the cake then take a serrated knife by this serrated knife use the slits as a guide and then level the cake now after removing the tool remove some unwanted part of the cake and you want.

which type of cake I usually used to level?

I preferred levelling cold cakes because As you slice a warm and delicate cake, a pile of crumbs will fall from it. But if you don’t have time to level after cooling, you can level the cakes by using the dishcloth method.

In this method; You have to put the dishcloth in the warm cake, then a flat object is placed over the cake. Now press the cakes evenly, so the domed part of the cake is levelled.

Whenever you bake a cake, you have to give time for the cake to set; usually, 10-15 min is ok to leave the cake in the pan after baking.

If your over is too heated, then your cake might make an uneven bake. If your oven is at more than 25 degrees, then I will recommend you recalibrate it.


So to answer how to level a cake, I have given your my personally used 7 best methods that you can use to level the cake. Overall, all the methods I have been told are easy to use, but my favorite way to level a cake is using a serrated knife, which usually gives me a perfect levelled cake.
So use all these methods on your own and find your favorite way. If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section. Happy baking day.

People Ask For

why my cake got doomed shape?

Because the outside ring of the cake gets rapid heat, that’s why it is baked early, but the center of the cake takes time to heat, so by the slow process of this heating, the cake was formed in a domed shape.

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