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dessertreveals.com is here to make your life tastier yummy and full, of sweet dessert.


Let me share a short story about how this starts, and you will get to know why I started this blog.

Hello, I am Shubham Kumar from India, and I am pursuing engineering, but I love baking because this is my favorite work. I just love baking cakes, cookies, and anything that is sweet and make me happy.

One day I was too hungry, and I want to eat something sweet. I found a recipe book in which I found different food recipes, some traditional and some experimental. The first precious thing I made from that recipe book was a cupcake. You won’t believe this was the worst cupcake ever; I have ever eaten in my whole life, then I decided to learn cooking.

I read recipes many times and prepare almost 19-20 times. I made my masterpiece, and the taste of my masterpiece will never forget. I always find recipes for dessert to train at my home, then I found some of the fantastic recipe blogs, and then I designed them, and it was a good experience. Now I became very eager about dessert. 


The only thing we want is that we gave you the knowledge of the best desserts from all around the world with their recipes and how you can prepare it from yourself at your own home, with your home ingredient.

After you prepare it in your home, your family will love what you make for them, and I think everyone can prepare delicious and yummy desserts. This is not tough as you think. Some might also feel shy and hesitate in making these foods.

So we are here to tackle your hesitation for your kitchen. Here you also got new recipes day by day that you can prepare for every occasion or holiday.


This site is medium between you and me. Here I will provide you with what I know; let my knowledge help you in your kitchen to prepare something fresh, tasty, delicious, and yummy.

I always wanted to share my knowledge with people worldwide, which is the best way to communicate. I aim to provide something new, and I bet you will love this site; after taking information from this site, you will prepare something delicious.

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