How To Use Fondant Like A Professional

As I always say, baking cakes for your loved ones is always the best way of showing love. But you can’t assume cake without any decoration. We all love to decorate cakes, and I know you all know the best way of decorating any cake is with fondants.

With fondants, you can decorate cakes easily, and lovely. Decorating is essential when baking cakes. In the realm of cake design, fondant has gone a long way.

Peoples love to decorate cakes with fondant. There are unlimited possibilities of decorating the cake with fondant. So, if you want to master decorating cake and love to decorate the cake, you should know how to use fondant. There are lots of possibilities that you can work with fondant of cakes.

how to use fondant on a cake

  1. Let’s put a little powdered sugar down on the board here; take our rolling pin to about an eighth of an inch; make sure you frequently move your fondant around as you’re rolling so that it does not get stuck to the surface of your table.
  2. To move the fondant, gently lift it with a rolling pin.
  3. Now it is time to unroll, so place your fondant at the proper position of the cake, then unroll your fondant over the cake (make sure you’ve got enough room all the way around).
  4. Now take our smoothers and smooth out the top first so that there is no air bubble form at the top.
  5. Now we’re going to fluff the dress, so everywhere there is a ruffle, you’re just going to pull it out and press against the cake repeat this process until your fondant takes the cake shape.
  6. Now cut out the extra fondant across the cake using pizza cutter or spatula, and now decorate the cake as you want.
how to use fondants
how to use fondants:- step by step photos

How to use fondant for beginners:

How to put fondant on a cake
How to put fondant on a cake

I know you all have your own experience with the fondant of cakes that many of you haven’t used yet. But before using the fondant, you should always be careful. And today I am giving you some tips on how to use fondant for beginners.

Follow these tips on how to use fondants for beginners.

    always keep your work surface clean when you are working with the fondant. Make sure that any cake, cake crumbs, water puddles, or wet spots are left on the table.

    A little ball of fondant (about the size of a golf ball) rubbed over the surface is an excellent technique to remove lint or microscopic particles of dust. All of the tiny particles adhere to it,
    and your surface is now ready for fondant.
    I have seen many just buy the fondant from the store then ap[ply them to the cake buy this is wrong because you have to prepare the fondant first.

    First, place your fondant at room temperature before using it or microwave it for not more than 10 seconds.
    To work better with rolling the fondant, you should knead the fondant precisely.
    The most careful part in working with fondant is rolling the fondant then applying it to the cake. For beginners, you should follow this tip.

    Use a lightly powdered smooth surface for rolling the fondant. Mainly, powdered sugar and cornstarch work best when rolling the fondant, but vegetable shortening works well in dry environments. But in humid environments, cornstarch works best.

    Please don’t make your fondant any bigger than you need it to be. The extra weight will make it tougher to lift and move.

    While covering the fondants with cakes, avoid using your fingers. You can use a rolling pin or your two hands to cover the cake with fondant.
    Fondants are really affected by the climate. I have experienced that fondants work best in a cool environment. It would be best if you worked at a cool place. Or you can work in the air-conditioned room if you don’t have an air-conditioned room then you should work in the evening because evening time is the cooling hours in the whole day.
    Your fondant is always too soft and challenging to work with it. You can add a small amount of tylose or CMC to your fondant to strengthen your fondant.

Common issue while working with fondant

issues with fondant
issues with fondant

Working with fondant is not an easy task because there are many issues with the fondant of cake like the cracks in the fondant or the air bubble producing while covering the cake.

  • Cracks:-
    You have to work carefully with the fondant. Cracking usually happens when the fondant is rolled too thinly. As you roll and shape fondant, you may notice that it cracks, especially around the edges and corners.
    If the crack is so small, you can apply vegetable shortening to fix those cracks by using them in a circular motion.
    If the cracks are big, you use some extra fondant of the same color to cover them up, or you use decoration to cover all your cracks on the fondant.
  • Air Bubbles:-
    Air bubbles are also common while smoothing fondant on a cake. These may be burst in the same manner that fondant is rolled by piercing the bubble with a fine needle and gently pressing on the bow with your fingertips to release the air. I recommend going over the cake multiple times to ensure that all air bubbles have been removed.
  • Dry Fondant:-
    There are two reasons why the fondants can dry first if you have kept them in an open area or added excess food colors to the fondant. you can easily7 solve this trouble by adding the vegetable shortening to the fondant and mixing it thoroughly.
  • Adjust the Taste:-
    many people ignore the flavor of the fondant but that is not the great way of “how to use fondant” you . You may make your own fondant by combining marshmallows, powdered sugar, and shortening, then adding flavor of your choosing. A variety of flavorings, both artificial and natural, are available and may be simply kneaded into your fondant. Flavorings are simple to add but difficult to remove. If you use too much flavoring, simply add extra plain fondant to the mixture to balance out the flavor.
  • Cake Board Showing:-
    This will happen less and less as you practice and grow better at dealing with fondant. This is caused by cutting the fondant too near to the board, and it is readily remedied. Roll out fondant in a color that matches the pattern of the cake and cut a 1/4 to 1/2 inch broad strip. Apply extract around the base of the cake, covering the visible cake board. Remove the extra fondant from the rear of the cake and align the seam.
  • soft fondant:-
    If your fondant is excessively firm, soften it using 1/8 teaspoon of water for every 24 ounces of fondant. If your fondant is overly soft, add a pinch of confectioners’ sugar or Gum-Tex powder to help it firm up. Soft fondant is typically produced by excessive kneading or the addition of too much liquid.
  • Decorations Falling Off:-
    If you have decorated your cake with the fondant and attached some additional figures to the fondant, you would sometimes see your decoration keep falling.
    This is typically due to using too much or not enough extract. When you get a lot of extract on a piece and try to glue it to the cake, it will simply fall off. To get the component to stick, try using as little as possible. This might potentially be due to the cake being scorching and accumulating dampness.

How to use fondant to make decorations?

decorating cake with fondant
decorating cake with fondant

As I say fondants are the best way of decorating any cake and there are many things that you can do with the fondants in the decoration of the cakes. Fondant is ideal for creating miniature figures or cutting out decorations for cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits. Water or buttercream icing can be used to glue components together while building figurines and fondant decorations. To decorate cakes with fondant which is already covered with fondant you have to attach both fondants for these you should read this article on how to apply fondant to fondant.

How to Color Fondant

you can add different colors to your fondant so that you can decorate the cake as you want coloring fondant using food color:-

Food colors are the best way to color your fondants. Because they produce bold colors without changing the paramount consistency of the fondant.

Colored fondant may be combined to make more colors.:-You may even combine more than one hue of fondant to create a rainbow of colors! To get a lighter teal, mix a bit dark teal fondant with white fondant, or combine red and blue fondant to make purple. This is a terrific way to use up any leftover fondant from another project, so don’t throw it away!

What Is The Easiest Way To Cover a Cake With Fondant ? 

there are two methods of covering your cake with fondant. The first method is the draping method in which you have to roll out the fondant extra larger then you cake then cover the cake with fondant. io have used this method in my article” how to use fondant“.

Second method is panel method. in this you have to roll o0ut two pieces of fondant first one is use to cover the top then second one is use to cover the sides of the cake. If you prepare your cake design ahead of time, you may simply hide the seams with embellishments.

Professional baker cover cake with fondant smoother
Professional baker cover cake with fondant smoother

How to Store Fondant?

Maintaining fondant is not easy because fondant can quickly be dried when you leave them free, so you have to properly store them in the right way. If you have extra fondant left after decorating the cake, roll them in a ball and cover with a thin coating of solid veggie shortening. Wrap securely with plastic wrap and keep in an airtight container at room temperature. Your fondant should last approximately a month if stored in this manner.

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Can You Freeze Fondant?

Fondant should never be frozen. In fact, it should be kept away from your freezer or refrigerator. Leftover fondant should be stored at room temperature. If you’re covering a cake with fondant, keep it at room temperature as well.

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